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As Sena targets SRK, Big B praises Thackeray

chandnichowkchinaukpremierelondon3e3cw96fit_lAt a time when Bollywood is shocked by the Shiv Sena’s attack against Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan’s blog is full of praise for Bal Thackeray.

Bachchan writes, “Uddhav Thakeray calls. He has just come out of the theatre after ‘Rann’ and is not able to find appropriate words to describe his appreciation for the film and the performance. Minutes later Bala Saheb calls. ‘I want to see this film. Come and show it to me!’ ‘You have not been to see me for a long time!’ I assure him I shall arrange a projection in his house. I ask after his health. He is fine he says.

He cannot travel out due to his frail condition, but the fire in him still burns. He is resolute and firm as ever and in that resoluteness you discover an endearing, that sudden soft moment, which has always made his presence so strong and affectionate. His sense of humor is in tact as he punches in some wise ones!!”

Mumbai woke up on Wednesday to the news that theatres were removing posters of Shah Rukh Khan and his new movie, My Name is Khan. The self-censorship comes allegedly under pressure from the Shiv Sena, which has attacked Shah Rukh for saying that Pakistani players should have been a part of the Indian Premier League tournament. Of the 11 Pakistani players put up for auction, not a single player received even one bid. Shah Rukh has told NDTV that he does not regret his remarks.

Distributors say that the release of My Name is Khan, directed by Karan Johar, may be postponed because of the Sena’s implicit threat to stop theatres from screening the film.

On Tuesday, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi announced that Bachchan is the new brand ambassador for his state. Nearly four weeks ago, Bachchan escorted Modi to a theatre for a special screening of Paa. Bachchan later said he organized the screening because he wanted the movie, produced by his own company, to be declared tax-free in the state.

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