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Bollywood is powerless: SRK

shah-rukh-khan-714185With the release of his much awaited ‘My Name Is Khan’ likely to peaceful in the tinsel town. SRK has bared his heart on the power of stardom and Bollywood. In an interview, King Khan said that he doesn’t think that Bollywood is powerful and their something called star power.

He said, “We all say that this actor is in the list of the world’s most powerful person and Bollywood is so powerful with so much money, glamour and everything, but what power we are talking about.” He continued by saying, “We can’t release a film on Friday on our own, so what sort of power we are talking about.”

The actor doesn’t regret on seeing less people coming out from Bollywood in open for his support and when asked on this he replied, “No I don’t have any regrets, why should I have. We get together for earthquake, do charity for aids and many other things together cause it’s a national calamity and my issue if it was any is personal, I have not come in support of many during their times so how could I expect people to come for me.”

When asked will he ever say sorry to anyone, Shahrukh replied, “I said sorry to Karan and Kajol, because I feel they might suffer if something untoward happens because of me, otherwise like I have always said, there was no fuss at all.”

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