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Farah Khan praises Shahrukh

farahFilmmaker Farah Khan saw Karan Johar’s ‘My Name Is Khan’ and is all praises for the actor Shahrukh Khan. Soon after the screening, she called up Shahrukh and appreciated him for his brilliant performance. She loved the film from her heart.

Farah admits, “Yes, I saw MNIK and I loved it! When I go to watch a film, I don’t scrutinise it like a director, but see it as aam junta. Karan has made a beautiful film. He has moved away from his traditional style of films and made a very touching film. I thought Shah Rukh was brilliant in the film and I called him up immediately after the film and told him that. We discussed the film for about half an hour.”

During the screening, Farah sat between Karan and John and she and John can’t hold their tears, “Yes, John and I were like two mad Parsis sobbing our hearts out. In fact, John cried more than I did, and he used up all my tissues! MNIK has many tender moments. I was crying because it was a very sentimental time for me. I missed Karan’s dad Yashji.”

When asked why Farah missed Karan’s special trial, she said, “I sleep very early. So does John. That’s why we were the only two people to attend the technicians’ screening in the morning.”

However, Farah Khan is trying to mend her relationship with Shahrukh.


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