Salman Khan Kicks Off Mumbai Cyclothon


Covering Salman Khan is just plain fun most of the time. He is always up to something. Just the other day the Bollywood legend kicked off Mumbai’s first cyclothon as part of his “Being Human” Foundation’s effort for humanity.

The event in which Khan and other celebrities participated in, was designed to promote cycling as an alternative to automobile travel. The environment is one of Khan’s big concerns, nothing could really be more human or humane.

Salman and his brother Sohail cycled across Bandra Mumbai to the applause and cheers of his fans. India, and in particular Mumbai, has increasingly come to rely on auto transport as the emerging economy there affords people greater opportunity to afford such luxuries. The bicycle was actually once one of the most popular means of transportation in the city, which makes sense in almost any urban environment.

On Salman’s Facebook profile for “Being Human” the call to action reads; “Burn far not fuel” and invites the organization’s almost 70,000 fans to participate with Khan. Maybe Salman can take this initiative international? Imagine how much fuel could be saved if every major city took to cycling rather than driving?


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