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Shahrukh Khan cancels endorsement deal

shahThe King Khan of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan cancelled Lux Cozy deal following the Todi Brother’s controversy. Ashok Todi and Pradip Todi are facing court trail for the murder of graphics designer Rizwanur Rehman, a Muslim, after he married Ashok Todi’s daughter Priyanka. The Kolkata Knight Riders players were supposed to wear uniforms of their brands but Shahrukh Khan had to cancel the tie-up following the controversy.

The Muslim groups and civil societies of Kolkata fumed over Shahrukh’s deal. Moreover, Rizwanur’s mother had also requested Khan not to endorse a product owned by the murderer of her son. The deal won’t progress anymore.

Year 2010 starts with controversies for Shahrukh. First he was roped in to ‘My Name Is Khan’ and Shiv Sena debate and now this Luz Cozy deal.

Really, Shahrukh Khan can be tagged a controversy man.


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