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SRK, K Jo, Rejoice: ‘MNIK’s Global History!

shahrukh-khanIn the UK, Shah Rukh Khan is king… as mass hysteria whips up in the wake of an SRK release. And soon, he could well turn ‘Emperor Khan’, with all the glittering global success he’s amassed in the wake of ‘My Name Is Khan’.

At the Berlin Film Festival, the online booking for ‘MNIK’ was sold out in precisely five seconds!! Reportedly, tickets were purchased at 1000 euros each on ebay, a feat which has remained unparalled, as yet.

In Australia, the Feb 11 preview collections for ‘MNIK’ were pegged at #11; in the Middle east, where Khan has a phenomenal fan following, his movie garnered 50 per cent better opening collections vis a’ vis other competition.

Besides, the scintillating response accorded to ‘MNIK’ in Egypt, Syria, Oman and Lebanon, ‘MNIK’ also managed to rake in fab figures, despite its limited release.

Besides, lush praise has been lavished on the K Jo flick from the interntional Press: The Hollywood Reporter (“well worth the 162 minute journey”); LA Times (“a sweeping epic”); and more.

SRK, K Jo and Vijay Singh, CEO, Fox Star have reason enough to beam: ‘MNIK’ has swiftly smashed all previous international collection records.

‘Dharma’ dude, Karan Johar spells it out well: ‘My name is Karan and I am truly humbled’.

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