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roadmovie2Just a thought before I review this film… When you saunter in for the screening of a movie directed by a celebrated film-maker, a movie which has had a good run at film festivals, a movie which tilts towards art house cinema, it is expected that the critic shower the film with lavish praises and speak of it in glowing terms.

If you don’t, get ready to be ostracized by pseudos masquerading as messiahs of parallel cinema, get ready to be labelled a nincompoop by netizens, get ready to face the constant bitching and loose talk by the ‘Balcony Class’ presswalas. Believe me, a few people are in awe of such cinema and feel they need to prove how cerebral they are by praising such films.

Now to the review! Either the film works or it doesn’t. It’s all about the story and how convincingly the storyteller narrates it. If the story is absorbing, you can’t take your eyes off screen. If it isn’t, you break into a yawn, you fidget with your cell phone, you start looking at all places, except the screen.


What you’re attempting to say, is important. But how many people actually follow what you’re saying, is even more important. ROAD, MOVIE narrates the journey of a young man and the people he encounters on his way. But the problem is, what is ROAD, MOVIE trying to say? You’re clueless!

Is it about the water mafia? Is it about a touring cinema? Is it a love story between an educated youth and a gypsy? Is it a road movie? The sole factor that stands out in this film is its breath-taking locations/visuals. They are more striking than the story. And that’s the sad truth!


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Positive Reviews
3.0 “Don’t go looking for run-of-the-mill cinema and you will enjoy Road, Movie which is does lack story and drama”
Times Of India
3.0 “casual drive, short enough to not mind, long enough to leave you slightly tired”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “This road leads to nowhere. It simply takes you for a ride”
2.0 “a watery, oily, escape from the cinema of yore which even fails to impress the arty cores”
2.0 “The point of this road-less journey remains mysteriously unknown though, given it’s the premise”
Hindustan Times
2.0 “This one is filled with enjoyable moments and great dialogues but does not make a dime of sense overall. It is really hard to judge what the initial idea was. Not too appealing”
2.0 “A Beautiful Bore”
2.0 “doesn’t deliver what it promises”
2.0 “an emotionally hollow adventure”
Rajeev Masand
2.0 “the film does not live up to the mark”
Zee News
1.5 “is more for the festival circuit and some connoisseurs of art house cinema, who may savour it. That’s about it!”


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