Movie Review: Apartment (2010)

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Box Office: Disaster

apartment-2010-5bSuddenly, schizophrenia and memory loss seem to be the new flavours of the season. First GHAJINI [memory loss], then KARTHIK CALLING KARTHIK [schizophrenia], then PRINCE [memory loss], now APARTMENT talks of a schizophrenic who spells havoc in another woman’s life.

Jag Mundhra comes up with a fairly taut thriller, which is absorbing in parts. Inspired by the Hollywood film SINGLE WHITE FEMALE [Bridget Fonda, Jennifer Jason Leigh], the film has been adapted decently well to suit Indian sensibilities, but there’s a hiccup. Neetu Chandra uses every predictable trick in the book to make Tanushree’s life miserable. From poisoning Anupam Kher’s cat to eyeing Tanushree’s man, the stunts that she pulls off don’t send a chill down your spine, which is very, very vital for a film that banks on terrifying moments to keep its audience hooked.

Yet, when compared to the content in the marketplace today, APARTMENT is at least watchable in parts.


Tanushree Dutta needs a paying guest in her new apartment after she fights with boyfriend, Rohit Roy and throws him out. Enter Neetu Chandra, the small town girl in a crumpled salwar kameez who seems to be a dream come true. She cooks the food, cleans the dishes and takes care of `didi’ Dutta with utmost devotion. But only until she’s sure that didi is hers and hers alone. As soon as she finds Tanushree rebonding with her boyfriend, her eyes begin to flash ominously….


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Positive Reviews
3.0 “Apartment’s a decent watch provided you promise not to watch Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh do the catfight in Single White Female.”
Times Of India
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
1.5 “APARTMENT is absorbing in parts”
1.5 “Don’t expect much thrilling moments though”
0.5 “For those who haven’t seen ‘Single White Female’, ‘Apartment’ is a middling, so-so thriller”


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