Movie Review: Paathshaala (2010)

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paathsalaTeaching is a noble profession. But does it hold true today? Hasn’t education succumbed to modernization as everything else, which is ruled by commercialization and consumerism in this age of rat-race? We read in the newspapers about students being bogged down under study pressures, parents burdened with fees hikes, teachers punishing students inhumanly, some students even dying in such cases or some committing suicides… what state of affairs have we brought our education system to?

Directed by Milind Ukey PAATHSHAALA stars Shahid Kapoor, Nana Patekar, Ayesha Takia Azmi, Swini Khara, Dwij Yadav, Master Ali Haji, Avika Gor, Sushant Singh and Saurabh Shukla. Produced by Shaira Khan, The film revolves around kids set in a school campus. It comments on the Indian education system and its shortcomings. Kapoor plays an English and music teacher in the film.


The story begins with a new English Teacher Rahul Prakash Udyavar (Shahid Kapoor) joining Swaraswati Vidya Mandir school, situated on the outskirts of Mumbai Suburbs. Though he strikes instant rapport with students and teachers alike, he realizes that there is something amiss in the school. Slowly his doubts prove true as the School Manager- Sharma (Saurbh Shukla) makes many monetary obligations compulsory on the parents in the name of extracurricular activities. He goes to the extent of punishing the students inhumanly when the new unjustified demands of the school are not fulfilled by the parents.

Day by day the stress level among the students increases many folds leading to the unexpected and grim consequences.

A situation becomes so explosive that it finally becomes a national issue.


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Positive Reviews
3.0 “he emotional quotient and the topicality of the film keep the interest running. Go for some serious viewing”
Times Of India
3.0 “a brilliant film and a food for thought. “
Zee News
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Avoid this Paathshaala if you are in no mood for a badly written gyan giving film.”
Real Bollywood
2.0 “a well-intentioned film, but lacks clarity thanks to an uninspiring screenplay”
2.0 “my advice is you bunk this Paathshaala unless you happen to be in the mood for some boring education. “
2.0 “Paathshaala is a sad attempt at criticizing the commercialization of educational institutions…”
1.5 “this is one less option for you this weekend.”
Full Hyderabad
1.5 “recommend that you steer clear. I’m sure, unlike the principal, you can find other alternatives.”
1.5 “Don’t expect anything revolutionary or inspiring here and watch it, if you must, only for the performances”
Star Box Office
1.5 “has its heart in the right place. Unfortunately everything else is not. See it if docudramas are your cup of tea”
1.0 “comes with a noble idea but wayward execution which is devoid of real drama and interesting characters that makes it tough for the viewers”
1.0 “Ms Soni, and not Mr Sibal, may prefer this hilarious pic”
Hindustan Times
1.0 “Bad education”
India Today

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