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No strain in my relationship with Shahrukh, Sajid Khan

farah-khan-and-sajid-khanSajid Khan’s sister Farah Khan worked with Shahrukh Khan in MAIN HOON NAA and OM SHANTI OM before signing in Akshay Kumar for TEES MAAR KHAN. Sajid has worked with Akshay Kumar in HEYY BABYY and now Housefull. Though, Sajid insists that there are no uncomfortable moments for him when it comes to Shahrukh Khan and he continues to share great relationship with SRK.

“In fact all these talks about Farah choosing to rope in Akshay instead of Shahrukh is nothing but media hype. Ever since the news came about Akshay doing Farah film, I have had dinner with Shahrukh and gang 4-5 times. There is no strain in our relationship.” said Sajid. Sajid Khan is close to Akshay Kumar he had requested Shahrukh Khan to come on board for a special song and dance number in his movie.

“In fact my dream project is to get him and Akshay together for a film. They have been seen earlier in DIL TO PAAGAL HAI and HEYY BABYY but never as parallel leads. I am confident one day I would be able to conceive a project where both would be seen together in equal roles”, Sajid concluded.

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