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Ramu making a film on Nithyananda’s sex scandal

ram-gopal-vermaRam Gopal Varma is all set to launch his next film after Phoonk 2 and Rakta Charitra , God And Sex.According to sources Ramu said the film has been inspired by the life of Swami Nityananda, who has been in the news for his alleged sex scandal controversy.

“God And Sex is a film I intend to make. It will take a deep hard look at the world of godmen. It will focus on how these so-called representatives of God continue to con gullible devotees to satisfy their diverse needs.Most swamis in the country are looked up to as almost Gods. Yet many of them are exposed from time to time. Sometimes by the media and at other times by those close to them. Many a time, their sex drive has been found to be the reason for the same,” Ramu said. Ramu added that God And Sex was inspired by a recent sex scandal involving one such popular swami.

“God And Sex will, once and for all, explore, examine and expose everything that goes on behind the closed doors of ashrams of godmen. There are so many godmen who are privy to celebrity’s secrets and there’s so much of power-brokering going on God And Sex will expose all that.I haven’t decided yet who will direct the film or whom I will cast in the film. Once the scripting is done, I will take a call.” Ramu added.


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