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Shahid utterly confused by father Pankaj’s movie-making skills

shahid-kapoorOf all the directors Shahid Kapoor has worked with so far, he finds his father to be the most demanding filmmaker. The actor, who is often hailed as a thorough professional, is utterly confused and taken aback by his father Pankaj Kapoor’s filmmaking techniques.

Not only is the dishy hunk forbidden from sharing any tit-bits about his upcoming film ‘Mausam’, he has no say even on the looks he is set to sport in the flick. So much so that the beard he has been sporting so far is now deemed unfit for his role.

Sources suggest that Shahid, to his discomfort, had been sporting a beard for long. But Pankaj after seeing the beard thought of it to be unfit for his role of an Air Force officer. Confirming the news, Shahid said, “Believe me, I’m thoroughly confused. My father keeps telling me to try different looks, and I just obey. He asked me to grow a beard and I happily did it. I don’t know what else he’s going to make me try.”

Asked if an Air Force pilot with a beard is a contradiction in the first place, the actor said, “We’ll not go against the logistics of the character, that’s for sure. Dad says he was considering it. Whether it stays or not I don’t know. I’ve reached a point where I’ve surrendered completely to his vision. I’m just going ahead with whatever he wants to do with me. Exactly how I’ll look I won’t know until we actually start shooting.”

Talking about his famous link-up with Priyanka Chopra, the stunning actor said, “I didn’t start them, so don’t ask me where and how these rumours keep coming back from. Just because Priyanka and I stay in the same building, people keep making assumptions. There are so many other girls in the same building. Maybe I should just change my home address. I don’t enjoy being written about in connection with the women I am seen with.”


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