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Sonam Kapoor refuses to get intimate with Samir

sonam-kapoor1Daddy’s girl Sonam Kapoor was endearingly shy around her papa when Anil dropped in on the sets of I Hate Luv Storys . The visit made Sonam very self-conscious as she happened to be shooting a mushy, candlelight dinner scene with co-star Samir Dattani at a suburban sea-facing lounge.

Perhaps it was the rumours about her dating the director of the film, Punit Malhotra, or maybe Anil Kapoor just wanted to spend quality time with his daughter, but he made an impression with his visit. Sonam was bashful and refused to do the intimate close-ups with Samir. He played his part first, while Sonam prompted him by reading out her lines.

The scene in question included a proposal and a break-up. A source says, “The crew was teasing Sonam about Anil’s probable appearance at the shoot and wondering if she would be able to carry off the scene in front of him. Sonam was confident that she could.”

Later, however, maybe Sonam requested Punit to help her or the director just decided to avoid the awkwardness, Sonam shot her scenes only after papa Kapoor left the sets.

Says Samir Dattani, “Mr Anil Kapoor did drop in on the sets while I was shooting with Sonam. It was a pleasure to have him there.”

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