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4th Idiot in the making

omi1Not exactly a sequel to Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘3 Idiots’ but just an inspiration of the movie. ‘ The 4th Idiot’ is a movie of course but not a feature film but an animated film that will entertain the kids and the adults alike.

Produced by Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary, ‘The 4th Idiot’ is an inspiration of the ‘3 Idiots’ but is completely a new story with new star cast, but the only thing that will be part of the new movie from the old one is, the voice accent of ‘Chatur Ramalingam’, the nerd who tries to speak ‘shudh’ Hindi.

Further divulging in to details, the makers of the film say that the main character of the movie is an intelligent boy named ‘Pappu’ who studies in a school that is similar to Amir Khan’s school in ‘3 Idiots’, where students are highly innovative. The voice over for ‘Pappu’ is by Omi Vaidya who acted as ‘Chatur Ramalingam’.

Interestingly the producers have decided to premiere the movie at World Unity Convention Centre, Lucknow. They added saying what is not known to most of them is that the World’s largest school ‘The City Montessori School’ is in Lucknow. Now that’s even better news!

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