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Arshad Warsi has apologised but SRK was arrogant

arshadAs reported by Hitlist, a few days ago Arshad Warsi was seen smoking on the Chowgule College campus in Madgaon in Goa, and a complaint was registered against him. After a metaphorical kick on the butt, actor Arshad Warsi has earned a pat on the back from the secretary of the Goa-based National Organisation for Tobacco Eradication (NOTE).

The actor was shooting for Golmaal 3 there. When some students clamoured for autographs, the actor was clicked with a cigarette in hand signing autographs for little children. Says Dr Shekhar Salkar, secretary NOTE, “We at once shot off a letter.

I must say he was very gracious, admitting his mistake and he even stated that he would be doubly careful in the future. He said he agreed with me when I say that film stars hugely influence youngsters. I have written back acknowledging his apology, I must say there is still a little bit of Munnabhai left in Circuit,” finished the cancer surgeon.

The principal of Chowgule College in Madgaon has to pay a Rs 200 fine. “He must pay it from his own pocket and not take the funds from the management,” adds Dr Salkar.

Pehle bhi
NOTE has had several skirmishes with puff-happy stars in the past, most notably (pun intended) with Amitabh Bachchan, when his Family movie posters were splashed all over, showing AB holding a cigar. Says Dr Salkar, “Amitabh was gracious too. Though his movie posters were removed from Goa, they were not removed from other parts of the country. We filed a case and this very important verdict is expected from the High Court shortly.”

NOTE had taken on Shah Rukh Khan too, when he was spotted smoking in the stands during the first edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in India. “SRK was arrogant,” says Dr Salkar who has a parting shot for actors and directors who believe one has to show smoking in films to be creatively true to the subject. “All this creativity is only in air-conditioned rooms. All these so-called creative artistes like Mahesh Bhatt need to take a look at the suffering of those in Tata Cancer Memorial Hospital.”


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