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Hrithik upset with fans misbehaviour

hrithik-roshanHit or no hit, Hrithik Roshan’s fans couldn’t care less about the film he had come to promote on Sunday afternoon, as long as they could get a glimpse of the man himself. Added advantage? Someone had spread the word that Barbara Mori is looking hot in a cool, short dress. Phir toh, the crowd at TGIP mall in Noida multiplied by the second.

The Kites pair, Hrithik and Barbara, was to come to Big Cinemas for a press conference, but before that, there was a short interaction with the crowd too. This only excited the crowd more, and soon, they began to roar his name.

The pair was also supposed to make an appearance at the Provogue store. They’d even advertised the same – and this added to the chaos, for, the crowd outside the store became unmanageable, with everyone hanging over the barricades and floor railings to look into the store. But, Hrithik and Barbara never came to the store. Sources later told us that Hrithik, who was also accompanied by Rakesh Roshan, was miffed at the visible chaos created by the immense crowd at the event. “Hrithik was upset after the crowd present in the mall misbehaved with Barbara Mori… They leapt over, and some even tried to touch Barbara, and in the melee, it left Barbara with scratched knees and a ripped nail,” said the source, who was present there.

Holding such events in malls have become fairly frequent these days. But though the organisers say that the stars demand such a crowd, and they like it when people throng the malls to see them, are the malls themselves equipped to handle such a sudden rise in footfalls? Says a source, “See, the stars will seldom have any problems because private security guards take care of them. Also, many stars come with their own entourage of bodyguards.” But what happens to the crowd that gathers for a dekko of their fave stars?

And what about incidents like this one? If the crowd becomes unmanageable, and the stars get hurt? Says City SP, Noida, Ashok Kumar Tripathi, “Nothing like that has happened. Yes, the crowd turned out to be a bit more than usual, but nothing untoward happened. The mall authorities did seek permission, which is normally what happens in such cases, and they were given due permission by the administration.”

“The police had provided two platoons of PAC (provincial armed constabulary), besides which, the mall had their own security arrangements too. In the normal course of things, the organisers of such events deposit a certain fee, depending upon the event. And thereafter, they are provided permission. In this case, I repeat that nothing untoward has happened. A few in the media have tried to just sensationalise the issue. I absolutely deny having come across such news.”

But according to an eye-witness, “Nothing untoward happened, but when Hrithik was standing near Costa Coffee, a bunch of guys came from the side of the Louis Phillipe shop to see him and by mistake, banged on the glass of the showroom, breaking it. A few people were pushing over each other to get closer to the star. It was maddening.”

A mall official, requesting anonymity said, “The exact footfall on the day Hrithik was to come was about 1.35 lakh, which is far less than what we recorded on January 26 this year, which was 2.97 lakh. Usually, on Saturdays and Sundays, the police provides extra security, because it’s Noida and also people from all over Delhi and from UP come to shop. So, the mall being crowded was a normal thing. Also, we have deployed over 300 private guards throughout the mall.” Benu Sehgal, VP, operations, TGIP added, “Nothing untoward happened. Everything was well under control. But when such stars come here, it is quite normal that they attract a slightly higher number of people. Our efforts are always channelised towards maintaining an ambience where people come, shop and go.”

But despite everyone stressing “nothing untoward happened,” it is a fact that the mall authorities came to the Provogue store 45 minutes after Hrithik and Barbara were to have come, asked the guards to remove all barricades, and switch off the showroom’s lights and shut shop for a while so that the crowd disperses. When asked, the guy refusing to divulge his name said, “We’ve locked the emergency gate from which Hrithik was to come. The crowd has converged at one spot and has become unmanageable. What if something had happened?”


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