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Salman’s tweets are not magical as compared to SRK’s

salman-khanSalman Khan may have a dedicated and one of the biggest fan-following in the country but the actor has failed to charm his fans through his tweets. The actor, who has enchanted millions through his careless and cool attitude, doesn’t sound witty on his Twitter page. On the other hand, rival Shah Rukh Khan’s magical tweets are casting a spell on his fans. SRK has a way with words while Salman’s tweets are flat and hardly funny.

According to sources, Salman’s lingo and his inhibitions are hampering his success on the Twitter page. Clearly, the actor hasn’t opened up on the social networking site and often writes about mundane things, which don’t interest the visitors on his Twitter page. “Oh baindi, no one sleeping yet, hum sab ke sab bekaar n v cn give vampire`s a complex, lalla lalla lori …… Arre gone to sleep kya,” he tweeted recently.

And it is worse when Sallu starts philosophizing on web! His write-ups are not half as captivating as Amitabh’s blogs or permeated with wit as in the case of SRK’s tweets. Morality coming from ‘the Salman Khan’ is hilarious at times.

Moreover, Sallu is irregular in posting tweets and hardly reveal anything exciting about his life. And that’s why the visitors just enter his page and vanish without a trace. Guess, Sallu should shed his ego and take some tips from SRK!

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