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Aamir Khan to cook for Kareena Kapoor?

aamir_khan_and_kareena_kapoorAamir Khan, who is eating, breathing and sleeping Peepli Live these days, has promised his favourite girl in the industry Kareena Kapoor that he will hold a special screening of the internationally-feted film for her and Saif Ali Khan.

Aamir, who is taking a sabbatical from the studios, says that he would like to do another film with Bebo and of course, with Katrina Kaif with whom he teamed up for a magazine cover. “Kareena and Katrina are both doing exceedingly well in their careers.

And I’m keen to work with both of them, sooner rather than later,” says the Bollywood superstar. And then he grins and adds, “For the moment, all I can do is feed them a lovely meal that my mother is teaching me how to make. I am sure they will be very happy to eat the special meal that I will cook for them.”

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