Movie Review: Raajneeti (2010)

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raajneeti11I’ve never really followed politics. But I am truly fascinated by ‘Mahabharata’. Lord Krishna, Arjun, Karan, Bheema, Duryodhan… are legendary and the clash between Pandavas and Kauravas is equally unforgettable. Prakash Jha’s RAAJNEETI talks of warring cousins, dynastic rule and electoral politics of the Hindi heartland, besides the vicious and horrifying games some people play to attain power.

To me, RAAJNEETI is a human drama, a complex game that people indulge in to achieve power and how this greed envelopes them and transforms them into ruthless and conniving humans. I admit, it takes time for the story to sink in, but slowly and steadily, you get sucked into a world that’s dark, dangerous and demonish. The attire may be white, but the deeds are grey or black.


It is the story of a fiercely fought election campaign, where money-power and corruption are the accepted norms, and where treachery and manipulation are routinely used weapons. As the personal drama of these conflict-ridden characters unfolds against this gritty backdrop, love and friendship become mere baits, and relationships get sacrificed at the altar of political alignments. The darkness that rises from their soul threatens to envelope all that they hold precious. Until eventually, in the crescendo of increasing violence, the line between good and evil blurs, making it impossible to distinguish heroes from villains.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
4.0 “Recalling the Mahabharata in Kaliyug”
4.0 “makes a sweeping impact. A truly admirable effort, this brilliant film is not to be missed.”
4.0 “Take time out for a serious and compelling celluloid experience. Don’t miss Raajneeti. “
Times Of India
4.0 “lives up to expectations, sucks you into the drama and is a near-perfect film that is not to be missed.”
Star Box Office
4.0 “excellent background score, music, cinematography and direction”
Zee News
4.0 “not to be missed by connoisseurs of good cinemas well as those who forever complain that Hindi cinema offers nothing different.”
Real Bollywood
3.5 “An interesting portrayal of political ambitions. Keeps you engrossed.”
3.5 “a politically correct tribute to Mahabharat. Absolutely recommended! “
3.5 “Jha seems to have done a good job of making an enthralling political saga. “
Movie Talkies
3.0 “as exhausting as it is compelling”
3.0 “Watch it for Ajay, Arjun, Nana and Manoj; Ranbir’s stunning portrayal and Katrina’s coming-of-age. The rest of Raajneeti will put you off politics forever. “
3.0 “What you sense here instead then is an over-dramatic, over-written screenplay: an over-boiled egg.”
Hindustan Times
3.0 “has its moments of intensity and poignancy”
3.0 “The film is well-directed and has powerful performances. Do watch it.”
Now Running
3.0 “Watch it for Ranbir, his growth as an actor and performances by other principal cast as well.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “Though overall editing has added brightness to Raajneeti, the length of the film could have been cut a little more. Music has nothing much to prove.”
2.5 “an above-average watch. “
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Need an ice-pack for a headache.”
Khalid Mohamed
1.5 “an inept and misguided effort”
1.5 “Politically incorrect”

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