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Pankaj Kapur fines wife Supriya Pathak

pankajkapurPankaj Kapur, a stickler for punctuality, has put up a penalty box in his office for all the latecomers among the cast and crew of his directorial venture Mausam. And surprisingly, his wife Supriya Pathak has paid almost Rs 2000, the maximum penalty for reporting late.

We had reported on March 24 (Timed and Again) that Pankaj Kapur found an ingenious way to teach Sonam Kapoor, the lead actress of Mausam, lessons in time management when she repeatedly reported late for the film’s workshops.

A source from the office reveals, “Pankaj is extremely strict about his cast and crew members reporting on time for workshops, script narrations and other pre-production work. After several warnings, he came up with the idea of a latecomer’s fine. He has kept a box at his office entrance where each person has to pay a fine of Rs 50 for every 15 minutes that he comes late. The collection will be used as petty cash for the film.”

Funnily, Pankaj’s wife, Supriya Pathak who plays Sonam’s aunt in the film, has taken the lead in the contributions. The source continues, “We start our day at 10.30 am, and his wife never turns up before noon after finishing her household chores. But despite her work, she is not excused and has to pay a fine practically everyday for turning up late. She jokes that the maximum amount has been contributed by her. So far, Supriya has paid almost Rs 2000,” adds the source.

It’s as good a way as any to break the habit of working according to Indian Stretchable Time.

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