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Ranbir’s Rockstar causes friction between Imtiaz and Anurag

untitled2Ranbir Kapoor is a sad man these days. The actor, who had been keenly waiting to work with the most promising director in the industry, Imtiaz Ali, is disappointed by the delay caused in ‘Rockstar’. To be directed by Ali, the film that was set to take off this May, is still in initial stages as the director hunts for right cast members. What’s more is that the delay has also caused friction between Imtiaz and good pal Anurag Basu.

According to reports, Anurag and Imtiaz had a pact. Since both the filmmakers wanted to cast Ranbir in their movies, they had a mutual pact as per which Anurag was suppose to start shooting with the actor the minute Imtiaz was done filming with the actor.

However with Imtiaz yet to start his project, Anurag is left feeling frustrated. Talking about Anurag a source said, “When Anurag magnanimously declared he’d give way to his friend Imtiaz’s project, he never thought Imtiaz’s project would be delayed so much. After the failure of ‘Kites’, Anurag needs to start another film to get out of the dark phase. Basu also needs to start the Kishore Kumar biopic with Ranbir next year. At the moment he can only suffer in silence, pun intended,” adds the source.

Confirming the delay in the project, a source said, “Imtiaz is still working on the script by fine-tuning it. He is primarily trying to give a more clearly defined shape to the characters. The film was supposed to start in May. Now it’s supposed to begin in July. Everyone close to the project is wondering if Imtiaz would be creatively positioned to take off at the new scheduled time.”

Well, looks like it’s time Imtiaz turns Ranbir into a ‘Rockstar’.


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