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Imran Khan: I think I need to get a personal stylist now

Imran Khan on his style statement. Here’s looking…
Imran Khan has been promoting I Hate Luv Storys for the last seven days. After seeing his fun tees and semi-formal shirts at the various promotional activities, we quizzed the actor about his style statement. Here’s what he had to say…

What do you prefer tees or shirts?
I prefer tees.

Casuals or formals?
Casuals. I hate formals. I wear them only if I have to go for events.

Do you select your clothes or does your stylist?
It depends on where I am going. I do bit of both — sometimes I buy my own stuff and put things together. But if I have to go for a big event, I ask a stylist to put things together for me. But I am very particular about what I wear.

Do you have a personal stylist?
No. I think maybe I need to get one now.

Where do you shop?
In India, I shop in the bylanes in Bandra where I get one-of-a-kind stuff especially T-shirts with interesting designs, patterns and artwork. Big designers have stuff which goes out to 100 people so they are not unusual.

For me, it’s not about designers or brand but interesting, unusual stuff which no one has. Abroad I shop in heavily populated or downtown areas.

I look for interesting stuff in brand new boutiques, which stock upcoming designers. If I am caught up shooting and don’t have time, I ask the stylist to pick up a couple of extra outfits for me.

Who shops for you?
I shop myself. I don’t have a particular style but pick up anything that catches my fancy. I like comic books so if there’s an outfit that catches my fancy in connection to that, I pick it up.

Are you finicky about colours and fits?
I am not fussy about colours, but I am very particular about the way it fits — from jeans, shirts to T-shirts. Clothes should fit your body well and complement your body. They shouldn’t look shabby, but make you look good.

What colour dominates your wardrobe?
Black. I like black a lot.

Are the clothes you wear for promotions yours or provided by the production house?
It’s a mix of both. The clothes I have worn for the last seven days, some tees were from the film which hadn’t been used, and some were my own clothes.

The stuff you wore for IHLS – did you take anything home?
Yes. A pair of jeans and a couple of T-shirts. One of them was a red T-shirt.

Do you dress for fashion or comfort?
I try a blend as it’s very important to be comfortable at all times as I travel a lot in my car, and can’t be hindered or be comfortable and yet they should look good.

What about shoes?
I collect Converse All Stars sneakers. The design is the same but they are limited edition pairs with artwork on them and come in different shapes, fabrics and colours. I have some in leather, PVC and silk but can’t wear them during the monsoons as they get damaged.

How many pairs of sneakers do you own?
I have about 20.

What’s the most expensive thing you own?
Maybe a watch, which cost a few lakhs.

One guy whose dressing style you like and why?
Internationally, I am very envious of George Clooney as he wears suits with such comfort and ease. He’s so chilled and relaxed. He has lot of class and carries off suits effortlessly. In India, I like John Abraham’s dressing style. He always looks very good in everything.

Style is…
Expressing your personality.


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