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Kangna Ranaut reveals the BIG secret

kangna-ranautThe cat is out of the bag. Kangna has admitted that the character of Rehana which she plays in ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI is indeed based on a real actress who existed in the 70s. Her name was Sona and though no one knows where she is today, she was the love interest of Haji Mastan (a Mumbai based don on whom Ajay Devgn’s character is based).

Well, I have been told that Haji Mastan was in love with this girl called Sona”, Kangna says in a hush-hush tone, “She was a Madhubala look-alike and a struggler during the 70s. She had worked in this film called KACHCHE DHAAGE that starred Vinod Khanna and Moushumi Chatterjee. When Haji Mastan and Sona met, they became romantically involved. He even went on to make a movie for her.”

While producer Ekta Kapoor and director Milan Luthria are officially not quite declaring ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI to be the real life tale of Haji Mastan or Dawood Ibrahim, it was pretty much obvious to one and all that the comparisons were not coincidental by any means. The question that was fast making the rounds was that whose story was being played by Kangna Ranaut, the ever mysterious woman both on and off the screen? Add to the fact that she is playing an actress in the film and tongues had started wagging. Before the name Sona was revealed, it was also being speculated that Kangna’s reference points could well be Madhubala or Meena Kumari.

“As such there is no particular reference point”, comes an instant denial from the pretty girl-woman, “As for the actresses that you mention, how can you even think of that? Haji Mastan and Madhubala belonged to a different period altogether. While Haji Mastan was active in the decade of 70s, Meena Kumari used to act during 50s and 60s. There can’t be any connection at all so where was the question of my character being based on Madhubala at all?”


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