Movie Review: Khatta Meetha (2010)

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khatta-meetha-2010-wallpaperWhen Priyadarshan and Akshay Kumar join hands, you expect the cineplex to reverberate with laughter. Let’s not forget, the team has regaled us with some terrific entertainers in the past. Naturally then, you expect KHATTA MEETHA to take the legacy forward.

Unfortunately, KHATTA MEETHA is noise [the actors scream a lot in this movie], more noise [the great promotion] and only noise, while the content takes a complete backseat. Although KHATTA MEETHA shouldn’t be compared to this combo’s earlier works, since this one’s a satire, I have to add that this is their weakest film to date.

The first question I asked myself once the movie got over was, what’s the story? Okay, okay, neither did Priyadarshan’s last few films had a story to tell, but when you attempt a satire, when one talks of the hardships faced by the common man, when one talks of corruption in society, there HAS to be a story in place. That goes without saying!

Struggling road construction contractor, Sachin Tichkule (Akshay Kumar) is doomed to dream big. There is no chance in hell that his dreams will ever come true, simply because he has no money to bribe! To make matters worse, the new municipal commissioner turns out to be his ex girl friend (Trisha) who now hates him.Even as you laugh as Sachin bubbles his way from one disaster to another, the film reveals in a light hearted way, the extent of corruption and bribery rampant in the system, and the ingenious means you have to adopt if you want to survive enjoy the bumpy ride!


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Positive Reviews
3.0 “Tune off a bit for the tedious middle and you could be in for some fun and frolic”
Times Of India
3.0 “Watch the film without expectations and you’ll come out a bit upset at the state of affairs but happy”
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Khatta Meetha is only part-funny”
2.0 “The movie as a whole does not make you happy for spending on its ticket.Such a bummer!”
2.0 “After watching Khatta Meetha you feel Priyadarshan wanted to do the same with audiences”
2.0 “Khatta Meetha is a promise that fails to deliver up to its potential”
2.0 “To sum things up, Khatta Meetha is better than some of Akshay’s previous films like De Dana Dan and Kambakht Ishq but if what you expect is an out-an-out comic entertainer, you’ll be disappointed”
1.5 “KHATTA MEETHA is a major letdown from the accomplished director. It’s not a full-blown comedy.It’s not a full-scale satire either.Hugely disappointing!”
1.5 “Khatta Meetha ends up leaving a bad taste in your mouth”
1.5 “Khatta Meetha fails to deliver what it promises.It is neither a political satire nor a good family drama”
1.0 “Priyadarshan gets to churn out his own no-brainer remakes every other week”
1.0 “unless you’re a diehard Akshay fan, we advice that you give this a miss”
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