Movie Review: Milenge Milenge (2010)

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milenge-milengeFreshly cooked, piping hot food is savoured instantly. Similarly, a film that radiates freshness catches your eye instantaneously. Conversely, if a film takes a really long time to hit the screens, it generally doesn’t find a place in your things-to-do-this-weekend list, unless the word of mouth is electrifying. MILENGE MILENGE suffers for this reason. Even the man on the street knows that it’s a dated product!

The gap between the commencement of this film and its eventual release is quite substantial and that’s pretty evident when you look at its promos. Especially the way the lead actors look. The camera doesn’t lie, right? Perhaps, that’s a prime reason why MILENGE MILENGE doesn’t propel you to rush to a nearby cineplex and grab a seat, despite the fact that its lead stars are at the prime of their respective careers and enjoy a solid fan-base.


Immy [Shahid Kapoor] and Priya [Kareena Kapoor] meet at a youth festival in Bangkok. Priya is a romantic at heart and expects her life partner to be a teetotaler, a guy who doesn’t smoke and also, who doesn’t lie. Immy is totally opposite of what Priya wants from her life partner. Their world collides when Immy lays his hands on Priya’s personal diary and learns of her likes and dislikes. He poses as her dream mate by giving her a totally different picture of himself.

While preparing to return to Delhi, Priya discovers the copy of her diary in Immy’s room. She realizes that Immy has made a fool of her and decides to confront him. In the meantime, Immy confides in his friends that although he has cheated Priya, he is truly in love with her. But Priya appears in front of him and all hell breaks loose. She decides to end the relationship.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.0 “The USP of the film is of course Shahid-Kareena jodi,”
Average Reviews
2.5 “hardly anything to keep you occupied for the long hours of its running time”
2.5 “this love story doesn’t have the turn-of-the-century zing “
Times Of India
Negative Reviews
2.0 “uninspiring, unromantic, second half is its biggest drawback”
2.0 “the problem is its dated look.”
2.0 “will strike you as obsolete and expendable”
2.0 “doesn’t score too much above zero. “
2.0 “has no high point to its credit. “
Zee News
2.0 “Too much is left on ‘destiny’ and too little on the script. “
1.5 “please stay miles away from Milenge Milenge.”
Real Bollywood
1.5 “a word of advice for you – Don’t!”
Rajeev Masand
1.5 “Too staid for a comedy, too bland for a romance,”
1.5 “it is old fashioned in theme. But not dated.”
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