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Rekha went under knife for her latest dare-bare act

rekhaBollywood diva Rekha has yet again shut up critics who said she has become a bore, donning the same old golden kanjeevarams and heavy jewellery wherever she goes now-a-days.

In a ‘dare-to-bare’ act, Rekha has revealed her ship-shaped figure in the latest issue of Filmfare magazine, where she made it clear once again that no newbie actress can compete with this 55-year-old when it comes to looking sexy and classy at the same time.

Rekha dazzled in her flawless avatar where she showed her sculpted jawbone, cleavage, shoulders, arms, waistline and legs, along with seducing eyes and pout.

It is no secret how Madam Re feels when it comes to taking care of her ‘Mind and Body Temple’. The plump South Indian teenager, who made her debut into Bollywood with ‘Sawaan Bhadon’ underwent an unbelievable makeover with a strict routine of yoga and aerobics under the tutelage of Rama Bans in the ’80s.

However, this makeover too was not free of criticism. There was news that Re underwent surgery to get into a perfect shape.

But Rekha claims she uses yoga, a health diet and good sleep to keep fit. The actress, who used to visit a gym in Hotel Sea Rock, now has set up her own gymnasium in her Bandra bunglow. She is also visits a suburban spa in Mumbai regularly for meditation.

Even ace photographer Jagdish Mali, who clicked the hot bod for Filmfare, said he had to do only minor changes in the photos as Re looked too ravishing for any patch ups.

“When we shoot digitally, a little bit of touch-up here and there is necessary. I’ve just made minor changes to the images… haven’t tampered with her figure at all!” Mali told TOI.

“We know she’s been maintaining herself well. When you’re young at heart, it reflects on your face, ” he added.

Meanwhile, Filmfare editor Jitesh Pillaai said the photo sessions are creating waves across the country.

“Got so many lovely reactions to the latest rekha’s pics @ filmfare. Her sarees, her flair, her performances, makeup techniques, truly iconic!” tweeted Pillaai.

However, he regretted: “Rekhaji an actor who’s not got her due yet.”

“Would love to see her work in movies with Aparna Sen, Zoya Akhtar, Mani Ratnam, Sanjay Bhansali, ” said Pillaai.


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