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Anil Kapoor’s regret

anilAnil Kapoor is perceived to be a very jovial and content man. With his daughters- Rhea Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor all set with AISHA, he couldn’t have asked for more. However, there are some things that Anil Kapoor regrets.When Becky Anderson on CNN International’s ‘Connect the World’ asked Anil about why celebrities not speak out more on misgovernance and corruption in the Indian political system, Anil Kapoor sighed, ‘To be honest with you, I do, but I don’t do enough. And I would rather – I would love to do more. And that’s my regret. And I’m being very honest about it. I would like to do more, and I would like to make certain issues more public so that people are aware of .There is a lot of corruption. There is a lot of misgovernance, and there’s a lot to be changed and improved in our country.

On a more positive note, Anil added, ‘But I’m very, very happy and very proud of the younger politicians who are now making a great impact and making things, working more towards the villagers and the have-nots than the haves.’

Let’s see if Anil is more vocal about such grave issues that affect our country now.


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