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Salman cheers Ranbir

salman-khanDamn the rumours linking his girlfriend (‘ex’ or current that’s up for debate) Katrina Kaif to the current hottie, Ranbir Kapoor.

This Khan with a heart never holds back words. However, quotable they might be. And we love Sallu for that. While other senior actors possibly feel the heat coming from the corner, with the new hotties like Ranbir and Imran taking over, Salman is the true Dabangg, fearless, we mean. Talking about the new boys, he says, “I think Ranbir is very good. I have seen their films, I think these guys, Ranbir and Imran, are terrific.

Imran is adorable and Ranbir has a lot of talent.” Way to go, boys, now stand tall and proud. We’re telling you, it’s not his Chulbul Pandey avatar, it is the real Sallu saying that!

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