Big B to play KBC with SRK

Sony Entertainment channel is keen to rope in Shahrukh Khan for a special episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati season 4, to be hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. The channel knows very well that if they can get in King Khan for a special celebrity episode then the TRP of the show will bounce like never before. As we all know, the relationship between the Bachchans and the Khans were not good years back but now they have mended their differences.

A highly placed source from the show said, “The channel is very keen to have an episode that would have the two hosts of KBC face to face. They have approached SRK to be a celebrity contestant who will be quizzed by Amitabh. The channel knows that this is what will give them a huge buzz. SRK is undecided. He has good relations with the channel as well as the makers of the show, so it is hugely being anticipated that he might give a nod for this special episode. Everyone has their fingers crossed.”

“Big B`s recent conversation about the show with SRK on a social networking site has also garnered interest level in the industry. It was widely said that SRK and Amitabh became close friends a couple of years back thereby rubbishing rumours of their ego clashes that had made headlines for years. So, this cordial relation with Bachchan might as well be the lubricant for SRK to also say a yes to the format. It will get the channel the TRP that it cannot imagine,” added the source.

It would be fun watching Big B on the host seat and SRK on the hot seat.

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