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Kangna’s Style Scare Knocks Out Plans!

Six similar oufits for a 45 day shoot. And yet, Kangna Ranaut faced a major scare during the canning of ‘Knock Out!’

Reportedly, Kangy went through a round of distress as her outfits had to be changed at the last minute! Kangy, who essays a journalist in the two hour flick, sports only one outfit throughout ‘Knock Out’.

States a close source, “Designer Rick Roy had been briefed well in advance to create six similar outfits in case there was damage to one during the shooting. The venue for filming was changed at the very last minute! The outfit now clashed with the background and had to be changed. Overnight Rick was required to create some new outfits!”

Confirming the news, director Mani Shankar states in a media quote, “We found a new location in Pune and the outfit that Kangna was wearing merged into the background. We asked Rick to create a whole new set and he did a great job. Kangna looks fantastic.”


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