Movie Review: We Are Family (2010)

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t6cot0Okay, WE ARE FAMILY is the official adaptation of Chris Columbus’ STEPMOM [1998] and lots of us have already watched this Julia Roberts – Susan Sarandon starrer. Even otherwise, the story of a woman, diagnosed with a terminal illness, entrusting her kids to the ‘other woman’ before she does the final salute, gives the feeling of deja vu. But WE ARE FAMILY is not a tear-jerker. Sure, it has dollops of emotions, but also integrates the light moments wonderfully in those 12 reels.

In the good old days, in the 1960s and 1970s specifically, well-made family films struck an instant chord with viewers across the spectrum. But with the changing times, the quantum of well-made socials made a rapid decline. WE ARE FAMILY belongs to the Rajshri gharaana and tells the story of a family facing two life-changing developments: The woman of the house is diagnosed with a terminal illness and two, there’s a stepmom on the scene. A difficult subject to handle, without doubt.

Maya [Kajol] is the perfect mother. Her life revolves around her three children, Aleya [Aanchal Munjal], Ankush [Nominath Ginsberg] and Anjali [Diya Sonecha]. Despite being divorced from her husband Aman [Arjun Rampal], Maya has ensured that everything runs smoothly in her house, under her watch, and that they continue to remain a happy family unit.

When Aman introduces his girlfriend, Shreya [Kareena Kapoor], a career-oriented woman, the situation takes an unexpected turn. However, Maya is diagnosed with a terminal illness and circumstances bring the two women under the same roof. Can two mothers make a home?


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
4.0 “Go for this one”
3.5 “WE ARE FAMILY is a perfect family film with a good mix of emotions and humour”
3.0 “Watch it for the all-woman show. “
3.0 “This is the kind of film where all the moms and stepmoms of the world are assured to cry buckets”
3.0 “Go for this one.”
3.0 “‘We Are Family’ is a factory tear jerker made watchable by the wonderful Kajol and Kareena.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “The film may pull audiences to theatres but it may not convince!”
2.5 “Watch the film for Kajol, if you must. “
Negative Reviews
2.0 “This is an Indian family drama over a dying single mom”
1.0 “We Are Family is no Stepmom”

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