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Akki to woo Ash!

In 1958 Chevrolet manufactured the Impala to counter the growing popularity of the Cadillac.

The American public lapped up the Impala and so did the Khannas, Kapoors and Kumars. In the late 60s and through the 70s, the car to be seen arriving in, especially in Bollywood, was the Impala. So impressed were the superstars of that era by the car, that they even had a song in a 70s film that went – Caroon mein ek car chuni hai, car chuni hai Impala.

In all likelihood that it is the song Akshay Kumar will croon before he gets behind the wheel on October 25 to take his lady love Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for a spin on Mumbai’s Marine Drive. This handsome couple, who are gearing up for Vipul Shah’s Action Replayy that opens worldwide on Diwali, has borrowed the car from the gregarious filmmaker just for that romantic drive.

On that day Akshay will also play love guru and offer tips to people on how to woo a girl by taking her on those long romantic drives. And it doesn’t end there. There could be a pleasant surprise in store for the readers of this article and for those who buy tickets of Action Replayy as well.

One hears that Vipul is actually planning to get some lucky person to drive with Akshay and Ash in the very same Impala after the advance booking opens. Says Vipul, “The Impala is a very important part of Action Replayy. This car was one of the most defining vehicles in the retro period. And at a very dramatic point in my film Akshay owns an Impala. The car adds a new dimension to his personality. Such is the impact of the Impala that when it arrives on screen you are automatically transported into that era.”

Vipul is right. Romance in the 70s, especially for the affluent, inside or outside of Bollywood meant a long car drive. Sources say that there is a moment in the film when Akshay feels he is losing out on Ash… and in a bid to woo her back he gets her drive with him in his Impala. Of course, Aishwarya falls back in love with him. And it could well be a stroke of genius to have Akshay give people tips on how to romance Impala style.

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