Movie Review: Aakrosh (2010)

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Shameful as it may sound, honour killings still exist in many parts of the country. The misconception is honour killings are all about the murder of a female family member by one or more family members, since the perpetrators / wrongdoers believe that the victim has brought dishonor / disrepute upon the family by having a relationship with a man of different religion or social status or marrying against the parents’ wishes or having premarital sex.

The fact is men are also victims of this practice, especially when it affects the reputation of a particular caste and community. Many grooms have been killed by the father or brother of the bride and this is exactly what AAKROSH attempts to highlight.

AAKROSH revolves around a lower caste guy who, along with his two friends, goes to his hometown Jhanjhar. These three students go missing soon after. The government appoints CBI officers Siddhant [Akshaye Khanna] and Pratap [Ajay Devgn] to investigate the matter.

Investigating in Jhanjhar becomes a tough task for these officers as the local police [Paresh Rawal], with the help of local bigwigs, refuse to co-operate with the two officers. Besides, the officers cannot break the ice with the locals, due to years of fear instilled in them. The effect of their investigation causes mayhem in Jhanjhar, with the wrongdoers spreading terror and killing people in broad daylight.


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Positive Reviews
3.5 “AKROSH is not the standard Bollywood fare with the usual song-and-comedy routine”
3.5 “It’s is everything a film of its genre should be. Realism, Bollywood-style! Go watch this.”
3.5 “Aakrosh is a film which is a winner by all means”
3.5 “Go for some serious stuff. The hot-headed boys of Aakrosh don’t let you down.”
3.0 “Thankfully, if not gracefully enough, Aakrosh holds a correct and sturdy mirror.”
3.0 “AAKROSH is a spellbinding action thriller. After watching it you’ll feel exhausted, but in a good way.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “Aakrosh is at best an average film. Watch it if you are in the mood for serious and dark cinema”
Negative Reviews
1.5 “This is Aakroshious!”

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