Movie Review: Jhootha Hi Sahi (2010)

Users Rating: [ratings] ★★½☆☆
Box Office: Flop

Every film should be judged purely on the basis of its merits/demerits. Comparisons or drawing parallels with another film, even if it’s helmed by the same director, is not right, in my opinion. But if the posters/billboards/newspaper ads/promotional material of JHOOTHA HI SAHI has an eye-catching line that screams ‘From the director of JAANE TU YA JAANE NA’, if not comparisons, the expectations from JHOOTHA HI SAHI do multiply five-fold, since JAANE TU YA JAANE NA was, in terms of economics, the biggest hit of 2008.

Sadly, Abbas Tyrewala’s new offering JHOOTHA HI SAHI falls flat for this reason [it doesn’t meet the expectations] as well as several other reasons. What comes across is unexciting, boring and lethargic. Moments make a love story work and JHOOTHA HI SAHI never reaches there. It lacks the fizz and heart, to put it bluntly. Also, the chemistry between the lead pair – John Abraham and Pakhi – is plastic.

Siddharth (John Abraham), an average Joe who works in a bookstore in London during the day, volunteers to work on a suicide helpline, at night. The counselling goes on fine until he receives a call from Mishka (Pakhi) who keeps him up the whole night with her threatened suicide. The enigmatic woman causes him to seek her out in real life and soon there is love in the air. Of course, Mishka doesn’t know her stammering boyfriend is actually the smart phone friend. Does love prevail when the web of lies is busted? Is all actually fair in love and whatever….

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‘Jhootha Hi Sahi’ a Lehren Video Review


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.5 “The script has a few teasing twists and turns that do not let it fall into the rut of predictable run-of-the-mill romances”
Times Of India
3.0 “JHOOTHA HI SAHI works for its fresh approach and superior performances. It proves lying isn’t that bad, after all. JHOOTHA is SAHI!”
Average Reviews
2.5 “Overall, ‘Jhoota Hi Sahi’ is fun and refreshing. It’s definitely a cool watch for the youngsters. What more, the final moments lead to the airport too!”
2.5 “Whatever! Watch Jhootha Hi Sahi only if you are in the mood for a gentle, slow, subdued love story.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “John’s the best, forget the rest!”
1.5 “JHOOTHA HI SAHI is an absolute letdown in terms of content”


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