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Vivek hasn’t invited me: RGV

Surprisingly, Ram Gopal Varma, director of the actor’s latest film, Rakhta Charitra, is not on the guest list.

If not anyone else, everybody thought that at least RGV would definitely be a part of the wedding celebrations of Vivek and Priyanka. And the director says he would have made it, if he was invited. “I would have loved to be there if Vivek had invited me. But since he hasn’t, I can’t come,” says RGV, adding, “That’s the truth. Vivek has not invited me. You can check with him, if you want.”

There have been no reports of any tiff between the two and in fact, the film is doing well in many places. So what went wrong? RGV sees no reason though. “I have no idea why I have not been invited,” says the director, adding that he’s okay about not being on Vivek’s list, “That’s fine. I’m not feeling bad — neither irritated nor upset,” says the director.

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