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Abhay & Anil patch up!

Bollywood is abuzz with the gossip that there’s still simmering tension between Abhay Deol and Anil Kapoor after their fallout over Aisha starring Sonam Kapoor.

Abhay, it is said, is still nursing his wounds after being underutilised and apparently unprofessionally treated in the movie. But it is also said that Anil has already extended the olive branch to the maverick and versatile character actor by calling him up and even meeting him in person to sort out the differences.

It is true, Abhay had been vocal about his resentment towards Anil’s production. He had told BT then that he would not do an Aisha ever again. Sources present on the sets allege that he was kept waiting as the actresses took time to dress up. After repeated instances like this, Abhay voiced his discomfort to Anil. Abhay told BT that Aisha wasn’t about acting but was about clothes and so he had nothing to comment about the movie.

But when reports emerged that Abhay was being unprofessional and not promoting the movie, sparks flew. The actor had told Anil he would be shooting for his next film, Zoya Akhtar’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara in Spain, and did not have many dates to give to Aisha. Abhay even convinced Anil that since Aisha was Sonam’s movie, it would be better if she was the face of every promotional activity. And Anil had apparently agreed. Naturally, the actor was upset when he read that he was not backing Aisha thereafter.

Top industry sources give conflicting stories about the status quo of their relationship as it stands today. Some say Abhay doesn’t want to get into a professional sphere with Anil, while others close to the veteran actor say that everything is fine between them. Anil apparently had a detailed discussion with Abhay and ironed out their differences. Abhay could not be traced for a comment, and Anil was travelling to London and could not reply.

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