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Big B turns farmer for a day

Finally, Big B ban gaye farmer. Amitabh Bachchan, who was in Lucknow with wife Jaya for the wedding in the Sahara family, devoted Wednesday morning to some farming.

Some time back, TOI had reported about the 15 acres of land that Amitabh Bachchan had bought in Kakori, near Lucknow. With the onset of winters when the sowing of the wheat crop begins, Amitabh Bachchan took a day trip to his farm for the same purpose.

Amitabh and Jaya, along with their cousin Bivender Kaur and her family (from Lucknow) went to the farm. Bivendra is Amitabh’s masi’s daughter. As Rajindra Singh, Bivender’s husband, tells us, “Before coming to Lucknow, Amitabh had given me a call and said that he wanted to visit his farm with Jaya and his family, as now is a time for sowing, which he wanted to oversee. He was quite excited about the whole thing.”

According to Singh, Amitabh had a try at driving the tractor too. “He drove the tractor for 15 minutes in all possible directions, and let me tell you, he enjoyed every bit of this drive,” laughs Singh. In fact, Bachchan himself posted on a micro-blogging site: “In Lucknow for a wedding .. visited my farm and .. and .. plowed my land .. drove my tractor, which digs and levels before sowing ..”

And after Bachchan Senior, Abhishek and bahu Aishwarya too may be making a trip to the same farm in Kakori which is also in their name, lets in Singh.

Amitabh, who met his sister Bivender after a long time, spent some quality moments chatting with her at the farm house. Later, the family headed back to Bivender’s house in Lucknow where Amitabh feasted on his favourite dishes – makke di roti te sarso da saag – for lunch. “He just loves Punjabi food,” informed a family member.


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