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Farah’s a bully on the sets: Akshay

An exclusive interview with Akshay Kumar on his latest flick….

What you like most about your role in Tees Maar Khan?
It’s a very unusual role for me. I haven’t done anything like this earlier. The character has loud colours and the credit goes entirely to Farah Khan and her imagination and of course, Akki Narula for styling ‘TMK’ superbly.

How you will describe TMK’s personality?
TMK is basically a conman. There was one TMK in our history who loved fooling people and the story is based him. He is a half-Robinhood, the only difference is ‘woh ameeron se leta hai, lekin deta garibon ko nahi’ (he takes from the rich, but doesn’t give to the poor). The role is full of masti, fun and frolic, naughtiness.

‘Singh Is King’, ‘Sachin Tichkule’ and now ‘TMK’… what’s different this time?
As I said before, TMK is half-Robinhood. What’s special about him is, he tries to con everyone he comes across, unlike my earlier characters. You can describe TMK as a comic Charles Shobhraj. Farah’s husband Shirish has written the character very well with minute detailing.

Have you come across any such conman in real life?
You will find plenty of them if you look around closely yourself…!

Have you conned anyone in real life?
Even if I have, I am not going to tell you about it! But thinking about it, I might play a prank but not nothing serious. If it’s going to hurt another person, then I will back off! If it’s just a matter of fun, then I don’t mind fooling people.

How did the cast and crew bond on the sets of ‘TMK’?
Farah, Akshay (Khanna), Katrina and I are all diehard foodies. So, besides shooting, the main topic of discussion was always food. We used to sit together in a big group and share our lunch. In between, Katrina avoided us because she was on a strict diet for the Sheela Ki Jawani number, but otherwise, even she is fond of eating.

After Tanuja Chandra for Sangharsh, this is the second time you are working with a female director. What difference did you find in them?
Till date, Sangharsh is my most sensitive performance and the credit goes to Tanuja without doubt. Same way, Farah is as much a wonderful director as a wonderful choreographer. Her movies are out-and-out Bollywood masala movies and she enjoys making them. There are only gains and no losses when working with a female director. They bring out the best in you. She is a hardcore commercial director just like I consider myself as a hardcore commercial actor.

Given the choice, Farah ‘the director’ or ‘the choreographer’?
I prefer Farah as a director.

What’s the reason behind the sizzling chemistry between Katrina and you?
Katrina is a very strong-willed, determined, beautiful woman. Coming from the West without knowledge of our language and conquering the Hindi film industry is absolutely commendable. The reason behind our superb on-screen chemistry is that both of us are very hard-working. We try to give our 100 per cent to each shot and also believe in improving each other.

How much does a hit or flop affect you?
If you have seen my career graph, there have always been lots of ups and down, so I am okay with it. If a film doesn’t do well at the box-office, then I might think for two days about what went wrong but then again I have to pull my mind out of it and concentrate on new work lying ahead. But of course, I crave a hit because I work very hard for every movie and want it to be a success.

What did you enjoy most while shooting for TMK?
The most amazing part while shooting was to sit on my chair and watch Farah shooting orders to everyone. She was quite a terror on the sets. It was damn funny sight watching a woman shouting at men and she used to bully them a lot. Everyone used to get their acts together as soon as she used to enter the sets…it was fun to watch men cowering at the sight of Farah! You have to see Farah Khan as director to believe it.

It looks like you enjoy doing such fun films more than serious drama…
People prefer fun movies which they can watch with their entire family. We come across so many disturbing realities in our life, why add to the unnecessary tension? The audience goes to watch movies to forget their worries and so the dhamaal-masti movies.

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