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Films are totally out for Trishala

Sanjay Dutt seemed unusually reticent to lend support to friend Amar Singh’s second innings in politics. “Yaar, let me be,” he said, reluctantly agreeing to talk just a bit. Talk about being a father at 50 and Dutt warms up to the conversation.

“It’s wonderful to be a father again, more so because I could hardly enjoy Trishala’s childhood. Hopefully I’ll get to be a good father this time round,” he says. But he still hasn’t got too much time with the newborns. “They were born premature and were confined to the ICU, so I didn’t get to spend much time with them,” says he. And the kids seem to have brought the family together, with sister Priya and Namrata turning up at Maanyata’s baby shower. But Sanju baba underplays the reunion. “I have said time and again that every family has fights, every family has differences and arguments.

Which family doesn’t? We are in focus because our parents were famous people. In every family, siblings have fights. So, what’s so strange about us? It was such a normal thing but it was projected in a different way by people. Yes, there were differences but like every other brother-sister fight, this too was sorted out. The twins became a reason to come together and celebrate their coming,” he says. So it’s one big happy family again. “It always was. For some time there was some disturbance, but that has been sorted out now. There can be no differences which can take us apart for long,” he reiterates. And while we’re talking of family, talks veer to Trishala, Dutt’s eldest daughter.

“She’s excited about the twins and wants to come to meet them as soon as possible,” says the doting father. Trishala has also expressed a desire to act in films to which Dutt shakes his head vehemently in disapproval. “Well, I expressed my desire that she should not be in films. I’m very sure that she will not act in films. Films are totally out for Trishala,” he says emphatically. But what if she has taken after her father and insists? “Then she won’t get any help or support from me. She can go on with it with my disapproval and without my permission, help and support,” he says without mincing words.

With several films on the anvil, Sanju Baba is a busy man. Munnabhai Chale America has been around for quite some time and will finally be released in July next year. Another is releasing next month, then I’m doing one film with Raj Kumar Santoshi called Power, another film with Anees Bazmee called Hera Pheri and then, David Dhawan’s Rascals,” he shares. But Dutt, who was known for his action roles once upon a time, has shifted focus entirely to comedy. “No one’s going to take me as a ‘hero’ now. Besides, trends have changed. More love stories are being made nowadays.

And comedy is a genre which can never go wrong. People want to go and get entertained instead of sitting in a serious film. But yes, there’s good stuff coming up in comedy too. So why not? People have liked me in comedy films. Munnabhai has proved it, so why not do something which your fans like rather than experiment and be disappointed. I’m happy with what I’m doing.” And he’s happy not doing politics. “If I would have contested the elections and won it, I would have been in Lucknow and my film career would have gone for a six. I would have lost out on films and I’m happier there than being here as a politician,” he says, adding, “I think I’m not cut out to be a politician. I’m too gullible and simple.”


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