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I like sticking to black: Shruti

Shruti Haasan talks about how her style is easy to define, her favourite colours, and moods that influence what she wears

Style Quotient: My style quotient is not something that I can easily define. It usually varies for me and I must say that my sense of style is mostly determined by my mood. Sometimes it is a casual style that reflects my level of comfort, and sometimes I tend to go all out and edgy. My style varies from day to day — totally reflecting my mood for the moment. On certain days I love floral prints and feminine skirts and on some days I love a simple pair of jeans with a tank or a T-shirt.

Colours: Usually I stick to a basic black colour palette. It goes with anything without giving me wardrobe stress. I love anything in the family of greys and browns, I think I’m drawn to earthy tones in general. I don’t usually wear very bright colours, but I love to add colour with elements like bright shoes or a bag on an otherwise neutral outfit. When I’m in the mood to wear colour, I love purple or pinks.

Must-Have Accessories: My must-have accessories are a rocking pair of shoes and earrings. I have quite a shoe fetish and I go insane buying shoes wherever I go, especially abroad. I’m also a huge fan of sunglasses and I feel that good pair of shades goes a long way in sprucing up your look.

Party Wear: Party wear for me is usually a dress and of course a nice pair of heels. I’m not a label or brand conscious person. If I like something, if something catches my fancy I’ll wear it. The brand or the label doesn’t matter. I think the clothes that you wear should never overtake your persona, instead they should complement it. I love mixing up different pieces, especially on occasions like parties. There’s never a tried and tested formula.

Little Experiments: My fashion experiments vary now-a-days. They are usually about mixing different elements and breaking the rules a little — like mixing edgier elements with very feminine pieces to come up with a look that’s completely fresh and new. Maybe something like teaming a leather bomber jacket with a summer dress and Wayfarers.


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