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I want negative roles: Deepika

Which is why she doesn’t think she should speak about Sidhartha Mallya, Deepika tells TOI

We saw a very jaded Deepika on a chat show recently promoting her next release… Are promotions irksome?
No, but they’re exhausting. But I realise how important they are. There’s so much media today — TV, print, reality shows. Hence, it’s important to make your film available. So, we go all out to promote it. It’s the last push you give the film.

Your last two films — Lafangey Parindey and Karthik Calling Karthik — didn’t do well at the BO. Is there more pressure this time?
Every film comes with certain expectations. I give all my films 100 per cent. The rest is not in my hands.

Your next film is about taking a break in a relationship. Do you believe in that personally?
No. That’s something I don’t endorse. You are either together or not.

Sonam Kapoor feels you’re a better actor than Katrina Kaif. Do you agree?
That’s her opinion. I’m no one to judge others’ performances considering I’m so new myself. If that’s what Sonam thinks, I must thank her.

You’ve been finalised for Race 2. Would this be your first negative role?
It’s too early to talk about it. But I’d love to do a negative role. It’s a huge challenge.

Ever thought of playing an older, mature character?
I’d consciously stick to doing younger roles for now as I have age on my side. There’s always time for mature roles.

The only thing that you’re not open about is your personal life. Would you at least tell us what the best thing about Siddhartha Mallya, who, you’ve admitted is a friend, is?
Of course he is. But I don’t talk about my other friends, do I?


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