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Imran bonds with Ranbir’s mom

Imran Khan had a rather warm rendezvous with Ranbir’s mother, Neetu Kapoor and sister, Ridhima.

Not too long ago, Ranbir and Imran were on a bad wicket. But that now is history. Imran Khan was in New York on Sunday and Monday for the promotion of Break Ke Baad.

Despite a hectic schedule, he walked around Manhattan, where he actually bumped into Neetu Singh and her daughter Ridhima. It turns out they all had a blast.

Our source said, “There have been various rumours about how Imran and Ranbir are no longer friends, especially after Imran’s fiancée Avantika apparently made fun of Ranbir at a multiplex while watching Rajneeti. However, both of them met on the Karan Johar show and now they got along like a house on fire.

So, when he bumped into Ranbir’s mother, Neetu Singh, outside Radisson Hotel at Lexington Avenue, they instantly started chatting. Imran Khan met her extremely warmly and she was also seen reciprocating warmly. Surprisingly they were staying at the same hotel too. However Imran was unaware of this until he met her.”

When contacted, the official spokesperson of Reliance Big Pictures and the producers of Break Ke Baad said, “Yes, everyone was staying in same hotel and Imran and Neetu met very warmly.”

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