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Madhur wants Aishwarya for Heroine

Realistic filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar wants Aishwarya Rai for his next project, ‘Heroine’. First he chose Kareena Kapoor to play the lead heroine but when Bebo failed to give dates, he opted for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Madhur Bhandarkar has very limited time in his hand as the producer of the film asked him to start the project as soon as possible with or without Kareena. In the other hand, Madhur Bhandarkar is desperately waiting for Kareena’a approval but she is busy for the next year.

Madhur is trying to woo Ash but the director denied. He said, “I`m still busy with my film and have no time to meet anyone. I will start meeting people soon.”

Meanwhile, a source said, “Ash has never done a movie in which she was a second preference. Let`s see what Madhur can do and who he can rope in if Kareena falls through.”

Time will say who will play Madhur’s Heroine.


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