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Ranbir will be a great hubby says sis

Lately, Sonam Kapoor termed her long lost love Ranbir Kapoor unsexy. Deepika Padukone wants to gift him a pack of condoms and believes he’s a bad option as a boyfriend.

However, Ranbir’s sister Riddhima Sahni Kapoor isn’t so convinced about what the girls have to say about her kid brother. “I have grown up in this industry and such things are not unusual. Yes, some things should remain personal. Nevertheless, I think you should know how to take such situations with a pinch of salt. It doesn’t matter what others say, for me, my brother is the best. He has those values and all the qualities of a great husband. And I am sure, time will prove it all. He’ll be a great husband and a responsible father.”

Ranbir’s dad, Rishi Kapoor is quite upset with both the girls and thinks it’s a matter of sour grapes for Sonam and Deepika. He also suggested that both of them should concentrate on their careers than washing their dirty linen in public.

On her father’s public outburst Riddhima said, “My father is an intelligent and responsible man. He means every word he says. I would not like to defend or comment on it.”

So all you Ranbir Kapoor fans, let’s wait and watch if Ranbir lives up to his family’s expectations or proves his ex-lovelies right.


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