Movie Review: Tees Maar Khan (2010)

Users Rating: [ratings] ★★½☆☆
Box Office: Below Avg.

Caution: Absurdity, illogicality and buffoonery scale new altitudes in TEES MAAR KHAN.

If you thought MAIN HOON NA and OM SHANTI OM were smashing tributes to the wholesome entertainers of 1970s, Farah Khan’s brand new outing TEES MAAR KHAN will make the most absurd, bizarre and wacky cinema of yore pale in comparison. Not just your cell phone, even your brain needs to be put on ‘switched off’ mode at the commencement of this film. Farah’s fundas are very clear: Ask no questions and abandon all faith in logic, reason and rationale. Only then can you relish TEES MAAR KHAN.

Knowing Farah and her love and obsession for masala films of yore, it’s foolhardy to expect thought provoking cinema from her. TEES MAAR KHAN belongs to the hardcore masala variety, which was savored with glee by the hoi polloi then and which continues to be hugely popular at single screens to this day. But unlike her past endeavours, Farah looks at the West for inspiration this time around.

Only once in a blue moon is such a great criminal born who is fearless as well as shameless! Now is the blue moon and the great criminal is TEES MAAR KHAN. He steals, cons and cheats all with such alarming audacity that even shame shies away from him! He and his gang comprising of Dollar, Soda and Burger have managed to keep the police, world over, on their toes.

Then one fine day international antique smugglers, the Johri Brothers, assign Tees Maar Khan the BIGGEST CON JOB OF HIS LIFE! He must rob antiques worth 500 crore rupees from a heavily guarded MOVING TRAIN! Will Khan and his merry gang, with some unwitting support from his wannabe-actress girlfriend, Anya, and a greedy Bollywood superstar be able to pull off the greatest heist in history?


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.5 “Go, de-stress yourself”
3.0 “TEES MAAR KHAN is more of a tribute to old-school Hindi cinema, with a fabulous first half and a strictly average second half.”
3.0 “TMK has too many highlights forget the logic and watch it.”
3.0 “TMK may not be Farah’s best work to date, but it sure does entertain for half its running time before coming to an expected Happy Ending”
Average Reviews
2.5 “TMK has colour, humour, pace but nothing does seem to fall in place in terms of plot and character connect.”
2.5 “The con job goes wrong mid way, after an impressive start. “
2.5 “Sheila is the only spicy thing in the story with her raunchy choreography.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “If Sheila Ki Jawani was to be played in a loop for two hours it would have been far more entertaining and pleasing!”
2.0 “This is rich material for a comedy but the Kunder brothers have sucked the life out it.”
NDTV Movies
2.0 “Tees Maar Khan opens with a creepily animated baby kicking around in reaction to the crook-infested Bollywood cinema his mother feasts on.”
1.5 “Farah Khan fails to impress in Tees Maar Khan”
1.5 “Tees Maar Khan is not worth even a free ticket”
DNA India
1.0 “A ride is what was promised. Whether you’re on a ride, or being taken for one, is the point. Not that anyone of us is anyway looking for a point.”

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