There’s no spoof on SRK: Farah

Ace filmmaker-choreographer Farah waxes eloquent on motherhood, dance numbers and more…

Shabaash Sheela!
Those, who have been following Farah’s impressive repertoire, would agree that the lady almost always comes out with a winner with her songs. Whether it was SRK showing his six-packs in dard-e-disco or Katrina Kaif making the men go delirious with her supersexy Sheela Ki Jawani in Tees Maar Khan, Farah’s songs tend to become a rage. Ask her how does she manage to pull off these magical tricks, and pat comes the reply: “If there are songs in a film, you have to put in a lot of thought, so that your endeavour stands out! After all, if your songs are popular, then there’s already an instant connect with the audience!”

Fictitious fights!
There’s no denying the fact that Sheela… has created a furore and there are comparisons being drawn vis-à-vis Munni Badnaam Hui, the superhit item song from Dabanng. To this Farah says with a laugh: “These are fictitious fights! Munni-Sheela ko mat ladaao yaar!” Seeing that both the songs have been choreographed by her, it’s understandable that she wants to make peace between Sheela and Munni, but the million dollar question is how did she make Sheela nee Kat do such a sizzling number? “Katrina trusted me completely! In this song, she hasn’t removed her clothes, but it’s the hint of suggestiveness that is uber-sexy,” says she.

‘No spoof on Badshah!’
Her forthcoming film is making waves for more reasons than one! The so-called spoof on SRK being one of them! Ask her if it’s true, and Farah says with great asperity: “It’s really funny that people are making such assumptions! I’d request them to go and see the film first! There’s no spoof whatsoever on SRK!’

‘SRK’s friend!’
Wouldn’t she like to come clean on her supposed rift with SRK? “I’ve already cleared the air so many times, but it seems nobody’s interested to know the truth! I had to take a decision a few years back to start my own company. But, I’ll always be SRK’s friend,” she says. Does that mean all’s well between the two? Farah repeats after a pregnant pause: “I’ll always be his friend!”

Mee Marathi!
As Farah gets into a sombre mood, it’s time to ask her about the biggest joy of her life – her triplets. So, what’s the latest on their front? “They are going to be three soon, and currently doing pre-nursery. They are in that non-stop chatting mode and speak chaste Marathi because their nannies are Maharashtrian! So, I’m taking Marathi lessons from them, although Shreyas Talpade had initiated the teaching job sometime back,” says she and signs off.

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