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Big B to dye his beard, color his hair

Amitabh Bachchan likes to experiment his looks. Continuing the same looks for 11 years, Big B is fed up and he has finally decided to get rid of his old looks and obtain a new one. He trimmed his hair and got a new hairstyle in ‘Aarakshan’ and now for ‘Boodha’ he will dye his beard and color his hair.

The movie will be directed by Telugu maverick Puri Jagannath. When contacted, Jagannath said: “That’s right. Bachchan sir is going totally psychedelic for his part in Boodha. You see, he plays a man who is 60 but believes he’s still 25. So he moves around dressed and made up like today’s youngster. And if anyone calls him a boodha (old man) he is livid. He will be dyeing his beard and wig”.

Even his clothes will have a trendy looks and design matching to the age group of 25.


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