Movie Review: No One Killed Jessica (2011)

Users Rating: [ratings] ★★★½☆
Box Office: Semi Hit

Most storytellers entertain, a few enlighten. A scattering number of celluloid visionaries entertain as well as enlighten. Rajkumar Gupta fits into that exceptional variety of film-makers that opens up thought-processes about the condition of the homeland without losing the cinematic elements that constitute a film.

To reconstruct on celluloid a true occurrence that is oven fresh in public reminiscence is not a trouble-free mission, but Gupta takes up this colossal challenge of placing together the controversial and litigious story of Jessica Lall’s murder case on celluloid. However, having sensitive and explosive material on hand is not enough. The execution of the subject is of paramount importance. Fortunately, the one-film-old director interprets the events of the murder case in remarkable style and form and makes it a cinematic experience that haunts you even after the film has concluded. Gupta does complete justice to the spirit of the story, which had created headlines and still remains well etched in our memory to this day.

A filthy-rich spoilt brat guns down a girl in full public view. His high-profile politician father uses all his influential power to subside the legal matter. Witnesses turn hostile in the court. Evidence is tampered. The murderer is acquitted. The petitioners turn helpless victims of the obdurate judicial system.


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Positive Reviews
4.0 “This gutsy film deserves a standing ovation!”
4.0 “Rajkumar Gupta shows absolute conviction in bringing to life one of the most significant murder-case convictions in the history of India.No one miss this cinema!”
Times Of India
4.0 “No One Killed Jessica is the film to beat in 2011”
DNA India
4.0 “Don’t miss to watch out the strongest movie of the first month of 2011!”
4.0 “Rajkumar Gupta directed film that stays with you for hours after you are through watching it.”
3.5 “No One Killed Jessica could have been better”
3.5 “If you are looking for a piece of good cinema with some goose bumpy moments, this is it.”
3.5 “Feel the rage with Rani & Vidya”
3.0 “It surely does justice to the entire Jessica Lall case. Don’t miss it!”
3.0 “No One Killed Jessica is a film you mustn’t miss”
Now Running
3.0 “No One Killed Jessica is several notches ahead of the tripe we’ve been subjected to in theatres lately”
NDTV Movies
3.0 “This one’s equally important. For the way it’s been made, it will be watched. It should be. Go for the kill!”
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews

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