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KJo’s next inspired by Glee

Karan Johar’s film ‘Student of the Year’, it is speculated, has been inspired by the popular TV series, Glee. Like the series, the movie will debutants in lead roles.

Just as ‘Glee’ used cover versions of hit songs of the past, ‘Student of the Year’ will follow the same route.

Shah Rukh Khan’s role in ‘SOTY’can be equated to Mathew Morison’s roles as the music teacher, Schuster. Just as Glee had Britney Spears and Gwuneth Paltrow in small roles, Karan, too, is planning for Kajol to make a special appearance. Besides, several song and dance sequences and a love-triangle also makes for important aspects in ‘Student of the Year’.

But everybody is looking forward to this KJo flick. A film with SRK and Kajol is quite ‘Glee’ful anyway.


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