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A lakh a day for Sanju’s staff

Word has it that Sanjay Dutt’s per day cost to a producer is far more than that of Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan.

Apart from what actors charge for a film, they get a daily fixed sum from a producer for their staff. This includes daily wages for an assistant, driver, hairstylist and makeup artist. In Sanju Baba’s case there’s an entourage and it’s bigger than that of any A-list star.

A producer on condition of anonymity says, “Sanju’s daily staff expenses come to almost 1.5 lakh a day! This is over and above his fee for the film, and it is a lot of money. No one complains because he is much liked in the industry and one is not even sure if Baba is aware of the amount being charged. His manager Dharam Oberoi is the one who collects the sum and distributes it among the team members.”

It is learnt that Dutt’s entourage consists of his Man Friday Mohammed (who charges 60,000 a shift) and he has two assistants, Raju and Vishnu, who do all the work and are paid separately. Then there is his old make-up man Deepak, who needs an assistant and they both receive separate money packets.

The hairdresser is either his personal or from stylist Aalim’s studio, whose daily bill is around Rs 20,000 or more. Also he brings his own vanity van for which he charges Rs 20,000 (most actors who own vans use their own, and charge the producer) and finally the driver’s daily packet. Sanju comes with two cars, so that’s twice the amount. One car brings him, while the other gets his assistants.

“All these expenses just put too much pressure on a producer, it is a lot of money,” says another filmmaker. When quizzed, Baba’s manager Dharam Oberoi says, ”

“Is Baba a heroine that his staff gets so much! He doesn’t need costumes or makeup or anything for that matter for such expenses. Please check with the producers again.”


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